We worked as an integred agency of Grunding as a brand  for  a plaftorm of Ruhun Doysun.  We dived into the projects, and didn’t recognize how the months elapsed as we concentrated on ATL and BTL activities, social media contents, digital/creative projects and the brand-new  Ruhun Doysun (Fill Your Soul Up) season.At the end we had an 28 Million views.

What is Ruhun Doysun?

Ruhun Doysun is a project calling everyone out to sustain a simple life, raise the awareness on consumption, and repay the deserved respect for foods. Encouraging all of us to think more and consume adequate amounts of everything, it invites us to prevent waste of food starting from our kitchens.

Moreover, Grundig is a brand which pays respect for resources and endeavors to have a sustainable world with its products. One-third of all foods go to waste all around the world. Even one-fourth of these food, ended up in waste containers, is enough to help and nurture the needy persons. That’s why Grunding is against consuming irresponsibly and wasting foods. Grundig carries out Ruhun Doysun project locally in Turkey, and Respect Food project globally.

Developed with great efforts of many smart persons and making us feel that we have created a real value for the life with our works, Ruhun Doysun has a special place in our hearts.