Smart creativity is what we believe in!
But what does this mean?

In our business, creativity exists to achieve effective results.
Effective results are only achieved when you can use CREATIVITY and DATA together.

As of 2016, we provide both ATL and Digital marketing services. To improve advertising effectiveness, we started our digital media & data department in 2019.

Integrating media, and therefore data, with creativity, gives us what you want,
and we call it Smart Creativity!

Well, we are not just a creative&media agency but an innovative agency.

What’s next?

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Our dedicated team leverages complicated digital platforms to complement world-class brand strategy and inspired creativity. Harmonizing our interdisciplinary approach has given us the ability to deliver at the highest level—and quickly build a reputation as a creative & media agency that delivers smart creativity for our clients.

Our founders, Serhat Gurcu and Seden Gurcu, are among the leading names in the advertising industry in Turkey with 18+ years of experience.

The first agency, established by Serhat, pioneered the creation of a new vertical market in Turkey. He entered the Fortune 40 under 40 list five times in a row with his success.
Seden managed 20+ global Clients, including P&G, Unilever Coca-Cola, Loreal, Redbull, Intel, and Microsoft as client services director for Leo Burnett,& Youth Republic. She then led American job search portal’s entry into the Turkish market. She was twice named to the Fast Company female founders list in 2021 & 2022 after founding YW.

Among Turkey’s top creatives, Fatih, as Chief Creative Officer, has won over 100 awards, including Cannes Lions, Golden Drum. Aside from his experience as a creative director, Fatih is also an experienced commercial director.

With a PhD in media, data, and creativity, Selin Ergin is our Digital Media & Data director. Previously, Selin managed the media planning for 20+ brands at Publicis Worldwide.

With a team of 60 employees, YW serves; Smart Creativity. Simple process. Powerful strategy.

With Affordable Services from Istanbul as a backwater to all over the world!

  • Brand Communication Strategy
  • 360 Campaign Development
  • ATL&BTL Creative Materials
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital Projects
  • Media Planning&Buying
  • Data&Insight
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis